Diethylamine ethanol: supply and demand contradictions highlighted ethylene glycol prices rose after falling

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In September, when imports were shortened and prices in Europe and The United States soared, the regional arbitrage window opened and domestic goods were transferred to export, which diluted the pressure of high inventory at the dock and began to decline steadily. And the new equipment is expected to put into production later, the downstream polyester gold nine demand season is good, the contradiction between supply and demand ease, glycol prices go up. Follow capital support to turn weak, the release of new equipment is expected to return again, and re-export goods or return to such bad news restrained, ethylene glycol price high fell. Diethylaminoethanol

This week, the domestic ethylene glycol market presents a shock downward trend, although the east China main port inventory small, but in Quanzhou ethylene glycol equipment into production, red sifang equipment restart, domestic supply increment significant, and some polyester enterprises published maintenance program, the mall continued weak format. This week, the operation rate of non-coal-to-ethylene glycol in China is close to 65.19%, and the operation rate of coal-to-ethylene glycol is close to 52.21%, adding 7,800 tons to the overall supply. Downstream polyester enterprises started at about 88.62%, the demand for a small addition of 800 tons.

The following week


Supply end: Zhonghua Spring has been put into production, and the output will be officially released next week. Zhongke Zhanjiang is also in active test run. In addition, No.30 Inner Mongolia Xinhang Energy Line 3 will also be restarted. The supply quantity of ethylene glycol in China will continue to be added next week. As Europe is about to enter the cold season of demand, the port inventory has been added slightly, and it is getting more and more difficult to re-export. However, the increment of ethylene glycol in China will be significant from next week, and the delivery level of the port area may be limited in the later period, and the inventory of the main port in East China may remain high.

Demand side: under the traditional peak season of "gold nine silver ten", polyester still maintains high load operation, part of the star species long-term loss, and close to the National Day holiday situation, product inventory is still high, polyester end faces great pressure, later part of the equipment production, maintenance has become a foregone conclusion, polyester demand will reduce.

In summary: on the supply side, some ethylene glycol enterprises still have a restart plan, the new equipment will be put into operation soon, and the supply increment is expected to be large. Polyester end in the face of high product inventory, acquisition intention is not strong, some enterprises have maintenance expectations. Next week the port high inventory situation is difficult to alleviate, together with the overall mood of the periphery is weak, capital surface support lack. Longzhong information is expected, next week glycol market continuous weak format, spot market operating range of 3600-3750 yuan/ton.

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