Glycol monobutyl ether sales manufacturers introduce the sale of chemical raw materials need what documents

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Sale of chemical raw materials required to handle risk chemicals operating licenses.

In accordance with Article 9 of the Measures for The Administration of License for Risky Chemicals, the requester shall, in accordance with Article 5 of the Measures, make a request to the license-issuing authority at the prefectural or county level (hereinafter referred to as the license-issuing authority), submit the following documents and materials, and assume responsibility for their authenticity:


(1) Documents and letters of request for operation license;

(2) a list of the catalogue of rules and regulations for safe production and operating rules for posts; Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether

(3) the relevant qualification certificates (duplicates) of the enterprise's primary personnel, the management personnel for safe production and the personnel for special operations and other certification materials for the training of the employees;

(4) The proof of property right of the operation site or the proof of lease (duplicate);

(5) a business license of the nature of the enterprise or a document of pre-approval of the enterprise name issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce (a copy);

(6) Registration form for archival filing of emergency plans for chemical accidents at risk (copies).

Article 14 the measures for the management of risk of chemical permit has got the license for the operation of enterprises to change name, first as a person, the registered address may risk chemicals storage equipment and monitoring measures, it shall, within 20 working days since the change of, to the license issuing agencies stipulated in article 5 hereof written change request, and submit the following documents and data:

(1) Request for change of operation License;

(2) a copy of the altered industrial and commercial business license (a copy);

(3) The safety qualification certificate of the primary occupant after the change (a copy);

(4) the relevant supporting materials for changing the registered address;

(5) the special safety evaluation report of the storage equipment for risky chemicals and its monitoring and control measures after the change.

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