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Dimethyl oxalate
Dimethyl oxalate
Details are introduced

The basic information:

The English name: Dimethyl oxalate

English nickname:Oxalic acid dimethyl esterdimethyl ethanedioate

The molecular structure:


Molecular formula:C4H6O4

The molecular weight:118.09

CAS Log in,: 553-90-2

EINECS Log in,:209-053-6

The physical and chemical properties:

The density of:1.148 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Melting point: 50-54 °C(lit.)

The boiling point:164 ºC

The refractive index:n20/D 1.39(lit.)

Flash point:167 °F

Quality indicators:

appearance:White or almost white crystalline powder


The moisture:≤0.30%

Other information:

Packaging and storage: 25 KG。Keep away from open flame, sealed and ventilated。

Precautions for storage:Store in cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Protect from direct sunlight. The package must be sealed against moisture. It should be stored separately from oxidizer and combustible materials. Mixed storage should be avoided. Storage areas should be equipped with suitable materials to hold spills.

use: It is an important intermediate in drug synthesis and can be used in the synthesis of many drugs.

Export rebate rate:13%

Production capacity:2000Tons/year。

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